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Amazing Moringa Mouthwash
An amazing mouthwash refreshed with MORINGA OIL and TEA TREE OIL, both natural antiseptics that help..
Amazing Moringa 3 in 1 Purity Soap
Your skin’s natural companion. It’s an all-around soap that cleanses, disinfects, and hydrates your ..
Amazing Moringa Feminine Secret Foam Wash
This foam wash combines the finest Moringa Extract and Tea Tree Oil. It cleanses, helps moisturize, ..
Butter Soap
Formulated with advanced SWISS FORMULA that helps restore moisture to provide dry and dehydrated ski..
Mangostea Soap
An efficient soap with advanced SWISS FORMULA that helps repair damaged and eliminates bacteria caus..
Java Soap
  Bring back the youthful glow on your skin! Formulated with advanced SWISS FORMULA that hel..
Glutawhite Soap
Unveil a rosy, white complexion in this wonder bar for all skin types! A powerful blend of three nat..
Skin Rescue Virginity Soap
A wonderful discovery! A feminine hygiene soap formulated to works 3 ways: OLIVE OIL to help moistur..
Skin Rescue Slimming Soap
A revolutionary soap that helps contour your body;  it combines the efficacy of SEAWEED EXTRACT..
VitaWhite Blackout Spot Whitening Cream
The cream that does all the tricks! It contains high concentration of Claire Blanche that helps whit..
Sabon ng Papaya (Papaya Soap)
The Latest Trend in Pinoy Soaps! A Philippine tropical fruit in an amazing wonder bar that is made f..