Online Dealer Store

Today everyone wants to buy online from the comfort of their homes.

Having an online store will help you  reach out to a wider market.

Opening an online store with  is the best way to reach to your prospective clients and prospective dealers wherever they are in the USA and Canada without the hassle of logistics.

Advantages of having store online with

•      Get credibility by having your own Online Store in our official website.

•      Don’t lose a sale by competing with thousands of other products and dealers on the classified ads listings – your OWN store, your products, your sale

•       Avoid too much service charges being deducted out of your sales.

•      Various payment methods (credit/debit card, bank deposit)

•      No need to go to the courier or delivery service office to send the products.

•      Avoid wasting time and money on bogus buyers – either they buy it or leave it.

•      100% correct information on First Vita Plus products

•      Monitor your sales at the tip of your finger.

•      No need to write down orders to keep track of sales.

Your Orders Dashboard takes care of organizing your business

Share your store link to your friends and relatives in the USA and Canada and ask them to try First Vita Plus products listed in your store.  First Vita Plus USA Los Angeles office will send your client’s order door to door. 

Apply your store online now for a minimal annual fee of $30.


Send your link NOW and experience the advantage of a business made simple for you.