Engr. Rhommel & Ryan Casapao


Brothers in Success

They know there is nothing to be gained from complaining. They stopped, listened and believed.

Brothers Rhommel "Bong" and Ryan Casapao studied in reputable universities. Both believed that was enough to accomplish their dreams, and live a life of satisfaction and fulfilment. They never thought that something else may be out there for them.

An Engineering graduate from Mapua Institute of Technology, Bong worked at Smart Telecoms as an engineer prior to joining First Vita Plus. For a long time, he was content with what he was doing.

But as an employee in a company, he never felt passionate about his job. He was happy with what he was doing but there was no sense of ownership, and his days went by in a routine.

In contrast, his younger brother Ryan's quest for a better life was not going as planned. After finishing Business Marketing at the University of the East, he was unable to get the job he really wanted. He worked as merchandiser of Gatorade at a large grocery store in Manila, a Destiny cable installer in the Manila area, a service crew in Wendy's, and many more. One would wonder why a man with a college degree such as his would do such jobs when he is clearly over-qualified for these kinds of tasks.

"Sa panahon ngayon dapat hindi na masyadong mapili ang mga tao. Pinagtitiyagaan ko na lang kung ano ang nandyan na. That time I had no choice but to accept kung ano yung available sa akin na option. Malayo naman itong mga trabahong ito sa kung ano ang pinag-aralan ko at nahirapan talaga ako kasi bagong graduate hindi pa sanay magtrabaho since nung nag-aaral pa ako school-uwi-aral lang ang routine ko. Na-realize ko na mahirap pala talagang kumita ng pera. Bawat minuto magpapawis ka talaga." Ryan explains.

It was only after five years that he was able to get an office job at an internet provider firm. This made things a little easier for him, but it was still not enough. After two years of working for the company, he was only able to save P 20,000. Unfortunately, Ryan lost his job at this firm as a result of downsizing brought upon by the company's slow decline.


The brothers did not regret their decision of leaving their old jobs to join First Vita Plus

The Casapao brother's discovery of First Vita Plus was not immediate. Bong was invited by his cousin, Manny.

"Nung una, hindi naman niya talaga sinasabi kung saan ang punta namin. Sabi lang niya titingin kami ng mga modelo ng sasakyan. Pumayag naman ako kasi mahilig ako sa sasakyan, pati, dahil naman mag-pinsan kami bonding na rin, kaya sumama na ako. Nagulat na lang ako nung pagdating namin hindi naman sa mga sasakyan ang pinuntahan namin. Sinabi niya sakin na mag-stay ako, dahil andun lang din naman ako, nakinig na ako. Wala namang mawawala eh."

Bong confessed that even after attending the talk, he was still a bit hesitant and he told his cousin, Manny, about his hesitation. He felt that he was already in a good position in his current job, the company was reputable and the pay was ok. Although saddened by Bong's decision of not joining, Manny did not pursue the issue. But after much thought Bong decided to take on First Vita Plus one step at a time. He bought a Power Pack which surprised his cousin Manny, and even himself, and then he started dealing the products in his free time. When his income in dealing First Vita Plus exceeded his income in his old job, he decided then that maybe it was a good time to go full time.

Just like his older brother, Ryan was a bit hesitant to join First Vita Plus even though it was Bong who invited him. He admits that he was close-minded at that time. He is not unfamiliar with the notoriety of networking or MLMs in the country which made him a bit wary about joining First Vita Plus. He knew some people who were part of networking or MLMs but saw no success nor change in their fortunes.

However, seeing his brother's steady progress and change in fortune made him decide to tryout First Vita Plus. That fateful day was June 6, 2007.


The brothers did not regret their decision of leaving their old jobs to join First Vita Plus. "Dati, kaunti lang nabibigay ko sa mga magulang ko dahil kailangan ko rin mag-ipon. Ngayon, ang laki na ng kinikita ko na naibibigay ko na ang gusto ng mga magulang ko. Nakaka-gastos na rin kami sa mga gusto namin na dati hindi namin mabili-bili kasi kapos ang kita. At ang magaling pa dito natutulungan ko rin ang mga downlines ko na umasenso." Bong shares.

He is naturally an introvert. He never had any interest when it comes to dealing with customers and if it's not necessary, he'd rather not face clients at all. That's what he was when he was still in his old job. He also confesses to not being good at selling items as well as not being too convincing enough. But when he joined First Vita Plus, he forced himself to develop these abilities and succeeded.

Ryan was not left behind. He too became successful and was able to buy the things he only wished he could have before -million pesos in savings, a car, a house and lot and so much more. Ryan is truly convinced that everyone is equally treated and gets a fair chance at First Vita Plus.

The once shy and self-doubting Ryan has turned into a man of confidence. What he is now, he owes to his parents Romy and Vina, and to his brother, Bong, who introduced to him the change he needed. His wife, Sheryl, who stood by him through thick and thin, is his partner not only in life but also in his chosen endeavour.

"Kung wala sila sa buhay ko wala ako dito so kinalalagyan ko ngayon. My success is also their success. Thank you Sir Soc and Ma'am Doyee for giving us First Vita Plus!"

The only advice Bong would give to people is to obey first before complaining. He reasons that there is nothing to be gained from complaining. Take the time to stop, look and listen. He admits that there will always be skeptics and most of the times there is nothing you can do about them. But he keeps reminding people that they should not be skeptical. It is better to be a believer, instead. And once you have reached your dreams, always remember to keep yourself in check and keep your feet on the ground.