Manny and Beth Casapao

manny beth

The Power Couple

It comes as no surprise that this couple shamelessly professes their loyalty to the company that has given their family good health, financial security and personal pride.

At First Vita PLus, Manny and Beth Casapao are easily known as a "power coupLe." Why not when during the Last Network Builder Awards, Manny was feted with the Top 8th award, while Beth has consistently hed the Top 1 spot for four years now since they joined First Vita PLus in 2005.

But things did not start out this successfully for this hardworking couple who turned day into night, and night into day for their family's survival. Just like all good things, they waited for the perfect opportunity as they pressed on with hard work and passion to achieve their goals.

Manny, for instance, shifted gears for so many times -from being an OFW, to a taxi driver, to a food service worker. Beth, on the other hand, worked as an office staff for 12 years. Yet, no matter how much blood, sweat and tears they poured into their work, the income was never enough to sustain the needs and wants of their growing family.

Worse, Manny was ready to leave for abroad to be a seaman but he did not pass the medical examination when it was discovered that he had enlargement of the heart. Beth, on the other hand, was experiencing bleeding in her uterus and it could only be relieved via surgery.


Just when Manny and Beth thought that hope for a better life was dimming, Nancy Bondoc came into their lives and invited them to join First Vita Plus family.

But unlike others, Manny and Beth needed no further convincing because they experienced first hand what First Vita PLus products could do to improve their health.

Manny's enlargement of the heart, for once, was relieved without having to resort to surgery or further medication. Beth's bleeding problem also stopped and she attributed this to taking the appropriate First Vita Plus products. The couple's faith in First Vita Plus was so strong that when offered any other alternative products, they simply flat out refused.

"Dahil kami mismo ang sumubok at nakita namin ang mga benepisyo, basta't gawa ng First Vita Plus, hindi namin ito pagdududahan," Beth reasons out.

manny beth

"Napakasarap na marinig kung paano ka nakatulong mapaganda ang kanilang buhay, at nagawa mong maging pasitibo ang kanilang pananaw sa buhay. Ilan lang ang makakaramdam niyan dahil naibigay ma sa kanila ang mga pangarap nila.”

And not doubting, indeed, has brought the Casapaos success, not only health-wise but also finance-wise. This total faith in First Vita Plus products carried them to the lap of Luxury. The things they thought they could only afford in their wildest dreams had been given to them -a house worth millions of pesos, top of the line vehicles, a beach property in Batangas which they are planning to turn into a resort. They have also built homes for their parents, even giving them their "pensions" every month.

''Ang sarap ng pakiramdam na maibigay mo sa mga magulang mo ang mga bagay na pinangarap nila pero hindi nila makuha. Napakasaya na ikaw ang naging daan para sa katuparan nga kanilang mga pangarap?" Beth reasons out.

The couple emphasizes that First Vita Plus is suitable for everyone from all walks of life because the company does not discriminate, but instead honors potential and performance. Whether one is a high school graduate, a college dropout, janitor, vendor, taxi driver, doctor or lawyer, First Vita Plus does not Look at titles at all.

"Your performance will determine what you'll get from the company. Everyone is equal here, if one person is intelligent but gets no results, then that person is just wasting time. Work hard to bring results and you're bound to achieve your dreams in no time," they say.

manny beth


The Casapaos also consider the gratitude accorded to them by the people they have helped through the years as one of their greatest achievements. They tell of how, through First Vita Plus, they have been able to give a number of people second chances and new perspectives at life.

"Napakasarap na marinig kung paano ka nakatulong mapaganda ang kanilang buhay, a nagawa mang maging pasitibo ang kanilang pananaw sa buhay. Ilan lang ang makakaramdam niyan dahil naibigay mo sa kanila ang mga pangarap nila.” Manny adds.

With all the achievements the couple has received through First Vita Plus, it comes as no surprise that Manny and Beth shamelessly profess their loyalty to the company that has given their family good health, financial security, and personal pride. As Manny quips, "Forever na kami dito. Dito na ako mamamatay sa First Vita Plus.