Dr. Richard Custodio


Prescription for a Life Well Lived

This physician chose the path less travelled and discovered along the way the real definition of success.

Unlike many of the success stories featured in this book, Dr. Richard Custodio was already born into a family who could very well afford material things. The doctor, however, has found his real definition of success through First Vita Plus.

Fondly called Doc RC by his One MD group mates, Dr. Custodio grew up in a middle-class family. He studied at the Ateneo de Manila University and snagged the fourth place in the 2002 medical board examinations. He led a typical doctor's life, spending hours in his clinic at the Taal Polymedic Hospital in Batangas, and hanging out with his friends in the medical field. But he felt that he was called to do something else.

"What I was doing as a doctor was already great since I was improving the health of many people, but I felt like there's something else I needed to do, somehow," Doc RC recounts.

While doing his medical internship at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), Doc RC heard about First Vita Plus. "I attended a health symposium sponsored by First Vita Plus and I was amazed at all the health benefits one product could contain. It does make sense since many of the world's most potent herbs are in tropical countries like the Philippines," Doc RC says.

At a medical mission, he also personally witnessed how First Vita Plus products made some patients feel better. "I've found that whenever we gave First Vita Plus to our post-surgery patients, their wound healing time was faster. Not only that, but they generally felt better too. I thought that I must promote this wonder product, so I decided to become a dealer," he adds.

The road to his success with First Vita Plus, however, wasn't without challenges. Doc RC had to overcome discouragement coming from his family and colleagues. "They thought that what I was doing was contrary to what a specialist should be, especially given how I placed in the board exams," Doc RC recounts.

Despite the discouragement, Doc RC still continued on his work with First Vita Plus because he felt that such a product needed defenders. "I felt someone had to defend the product. Who better to do that than a doctor?" he asks.


"I came to join the First Vita Plus family to help people improve their health. Yes, the money's great, but what's really important is you've helped someone solve their health issues."


Thanks to First Vita Plus, Doc RC is now the owner of a 2010 Porsche Cayenne. He also owns a unit at Serendra, a Luxury condominium development at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. However, for him, the biggest perk is to help improve the Lives of others.

"I came to join the First Vita Plus family to help people improve their health. Yes, the money's great, but what's really important is you've helped someone solve their health issues."

Doc RC also attributes how he's developed his confidence, thanks to First Vita Plus.

" I used to be a very shy, introverted person. With First Vita Plus, I had to learn how to speak since I had to talk about the product and its benefits. Now, I no longer give one-word replies to questions," he enthuses.

He also says that being a dealer has widened the circle of the people he meets.

"I was a bit sheltered before and used to mingle with only upper and middle class people. With First Vita Plus, I get to meet and talk to people from all walks of life, the fish ball vendor, the tricycle driver, everybody!" Doc RC adds. "We're all here for one goal: to help improve lives."

The members of his team named One MD (Make a Difference) have taught him things, in as much as he, as their leader, has taught them.

"I Love talking to them because we all come from different backgrounds yet all of us simply want to make a difference through First Vita Plus. They're a fiery bunch of individuals, and I'm so proud to be with them," he concludes.